About us

Context: I studied Economics at college and worked in a bank. I am a firm believer of learning how to do something well. Since I did not study food, I could not imagine for a second that I could ever pursue my passion for food. But the universe makes decisions. This one too, Pepper Corns was born out of nowhere and yet out of everywhere. A couple of friends and the husband cleared the snow and the journey began. With some apprehension, lots of passion and oodles of excitement I have set out on this road of creating happy times for everyone by cooking for them.

Early days: I was 11 when I made my first apple flan. My neighbour, a very charming uncle was my guinea pig. He said that the flan was quite bad.  I also remember making a soufflé and my brother’s friend who always boasted of an expert at puddings mother told me as a parting shot, “Never make a soufflé again.”

And now: Well, I love cooking. I cook beautifully. Ten years and more, life in Mumbai has been full of happy memories – home dinners, lunches, potluck and parties. Pepper Corns is my venture for bringing the world’s flavours to your home when you want to share good times with your friends and you know that good food will perk up the good company. Additionally, I conduct cooking workshops, host birthday parties, host TV shows, co partner food exhibitions and continuously explore other eclectic food related events.

For me there is always one thing left to do in my kitchen, and it’s always exciting to go back…..

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