Chutney Stuffed Pomphret

Like old habits which die hard, old memories live on forever, Especially the happy ones. The fun ones. The yummy ones for sure. In my college days, our neighbours in the flat right across were a lovely Maharashtrian family,the Ranadives. Since I grew up in Maharashtra, a large part of my History portion covered the topic of Shivaji the Maharaja. Uncle reminded me of Shivaji in some way. I wonder if I had ever shared that little observation with him given that we have spent hours discussing, conversing and very often arguing. Some topics come to mind even today, I must admit, I would ‘now’ concede to those views.

When we met they were around the age that I am now, or I think younger, and I guess they enjoyed re-exploring their youth through me, my college stories, my long distant romance phone calls and my new ideas of dressing down. Aunty was a fabulous cook and she would make some very Pune influenced non vegetarian dishes. One of her specialties was a chutney stuffed pomphret fish. Even if I was not on the guest list there was always a piece tucked away for me.

Luckily the connections have remained and we often find ourselves sharing life updates. A grand mother of two now, she even today very easily typed out some recipes for me. This one definitely deserved a place in my blog.

I used three pomphrets. When you are buying ask the effervescent Koli woman in her beautiful shield shaped earrings to clean the fish and to slit it across its stomach to create a gaping crevice running down the side of the fish. Marinate with salt, a touch of turmeric powder, lime juice and a dash of chilli powder. Set aside for an hour.

Chutney Stuffed Pomphret

Take about 1/2 a coconut, grate it. In a blender add the coconut, a fat bunch of coriander leaves, 2 green chillies, 1/2 an inch of ginger and salt to taste. Blitz it to a smooth pase adding very little water. The chutney should be thick, not runny.

Now stuff the slit stomach of each fish with the chutney. Store in your refrigerator for atleast an hour.

To fry, beat two eggs with salt and chilli powder. Now dip the fish like you would do French toast and shallow pan fry on both sides. Keep in low or medium flame for 3-4 minutes for each side.

Serve hot with lime wedges and some plain rice.

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