Oatmeal Cookies

“Once we sowed wild oats, now we cook them in the microwave.” – anonymous

I did not get much time with Annie. She moved from Bandra to Sydney to Kolkata to London. The few days that we spent in Mumbai were fun ones. She is a woman with a valuable opinion. She is also a woman with much talent. She paints. She cooks. She writes. This is the extent of my know. I am convinced there is more. Anyway, all of this she does beautifully. There is that easy flow in all the things that she does. Lucidity is her style. I often read her facebook posts and I am convinced that there is a book in her.


She had shared this recipe with me some time back. I tried the recipe recently. The cookies came out superbly!

It is a very simple recipe. Here goes.

You need 120 gms flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 120 gms Muscavado or any other sugar, 60 gms oats, 80 gms butter, 170 gms raisins, 5/6 drops vanilla essence and 1 large egg.

Turn on the oven to 180 degrees. Line your baking sheets.

Beat butter and sugar till pale, then add the egg and beat well. Sift the flour and baking powder together and add to the mix. Use  an electric mix at low speed and fold smoothly. The oats go in next followed by the raisins. Vanilla can go in at any point, a good time is with the egg. The doughy is good to go into the oven after a nice mix.

Since the oven is preheated, Put 1 tbsp size cookie dough on the sheet after rolling gently in your palms. Try and keep space between them, 6 in a line is great. This recipe makes about 20 cookies. bake for 15 mins. If you want them crisp don’t take them out until the oven cools down.

Annie said, ‘I forgot my last two or three cookies on my last sheet. And they came out nice and crunchy. Raja liked the softer ones and I liked the crunchier ones.’

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