Pepper Corns is also a participant in several bazaars and exhibitions. We make some unique niche food products which are truly well received. The products are quality products which constitute of authentic ingredients often sourced from gourmet stores across the world.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate jars – Actual chocolate filled jars which make yummilicious hot chocolate. You have it once and you are hooked. You will come back for more.  Even Gingerbread man will run back for it!

Grill mates – No time to toil in the kitchen yet you want exotic food. Healthy yet fancy is what is the call of the day? Check out these very unique grill mates with easy-to-do recipe cards.

– Gourmet Greek
– Oriental Five Spice
– Lebanese Sheesh Taouk
– Mediterranean Mood

Salad Oils – How better than to describe salads as bowls of goodness. We have three genres of home-made salad oils each representing a unique flavour and a very different culture. Health is wealth, salads are sumptuous. Check these oils out for health-alert lifestyle.

– Asian Ginger Dressing
– Balsamic Vinaigrette
– Garlic Herb Vinaigrette

Home-made chocolate – Life is sweet and so are you. Mexicana is the land which gave birth to this delicious offspring of the Theobroma Cacao tree. We also bring to you some drops of heaven from out kitchen. Raisins and dark chocolate, Crispies and milk chocolate, plain chocolate, walnuts and dark chocolate, almond and milk chocolate are some of the home-made chocolate repertoire that we boast of.

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