Red Chillies Mutton

Ever thought of upgrading the Vitamin A in your body with chillies? Chillies are spicy, kicky, sharp, unnerving, amazing, not so amazing, interesting, red, uplifting, nerve-racking and yes nutritious. They help as migraine relievers. They help in digestion. They act as antioxidants. They reduce blood sugar levels. They improve heart health.


Chillies are also entertaining. Their mere presence takes a dish to another level of deliciousness. Ever wondered why SRK and spouse have called their company, “Red Chillies Entertainment’?

Another thing which is entertaining is our friends, Madhulina’s and Sumantra’s home and their parties. A teetotaler Sumantra always magically fills up every glass in the room. And Madhulina keeps coming back with plates full of gorgeous and eclectic food. Every single time it is time beautifully spent.  ( PS – English is indeed strange. The word teetotaler is with a tee and not a tea…? Actually, abstinence from alchohol has nothing to do fondness with the beverage)

This 10th, we celebrate ‘Kaali Puja” at their home and I sampled this mutton there. It just blew me away. M generously typed out the recipe the next morning and the following weekend I re-created the mutton and might I say with absolute lack of modesty that I also blew my guests away. So here you are.

For a kilo of mutton with bones, you will need a kilo of onion. Chop the onions roughly. make about 2 tbsp of ginger-garlic paste. Next take about 12-14 dry red chillies, chop 6 in 3 parts with a pair of scissors and keep the rest whole.

In a pressure cooker, warm about 2/3 tbsp oil or ghee or half and half of both. Add 5 pods of split green cardamoms, 6 cloves and about an inch bruised stick of cinnamon. Once they sputter a bit, add the paste and toss for a min. Time for the chillies, one toss and add half the chopped onions. Please do not stir this or anything any further. Next goes in the fresh mutton and post that the balance onions. Lid the cooker and allow 2 whistles to blow in your kitchen. Switch the flame off.

Once the cooker is released on its own of its vapour, take off the lid. switch the flame back on. Add salt to taste. Now in medium heat keep on reducing the liquid which has got created in generous volume till now. Toss once in a while. The mutton will start to get tender. Once the gravy is thick and more like coating the mutton, I added a tsp of freshly ground pepper but this step is optional as the original recipe did not include this step.

Enjoy with ‘parathas’ or flat bread. Thanks M.

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