Abhinanda BhattacharyaPeppercorns is a food ensemble offering which promises to create joyous food memories. Like its name, a flavour enhancer, we create life elevating experiences through food. I am a foodie who chops, grates, marinates, grills, cooks and garnishes . If there is someone who is a wholesome food epicure, then that is me. I believe in sophisticated food which is embodied with robust goodness. Like in all my aesthetics, in my food too you will find modernity in tradition and history in contemporary. A strong narrative comes across in what you see and savour. There is a hint of the past in a very rich present.

Our hamper constitutes of:
Catering for corporate and home parties
Cook-alongs for corporate, traveling groups and adults
Breaking down kitchen fears and learning with fun for teenagers
Creating fun birthday bashes and summer camps through hands on cooking for kids
Partnering brand events


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