Party Orders

Since 2012 we have been curating menus and catering for home parties and corporate parties. We offer ready beautiful menus or we customize eclectic menus for our clients. Home-makers, celebrities, corporate leaders, lawyers, doctors, business families and more have shared their testimonials with us. Presenting some….


“Your food was soooo good last night that all my guests were raving about the food”


“Thanks Abhinanda for the excellent menu…wide variety depth of preparation, high on taste…obviously, volume consumed was quite high too”


“Khao Suey, it was delish…and the best part was all came set for serving…i didn’t have to chop a thing for the million garnishes”


“Abhinanda@ peppercorns..the food was yum..though everything was super in the menu…my personal favourite was daab chingdi/prawn dish (shorshe/mustard and coconut based gravy in a real coconut!) and the tomato chutney with imli(tamarind) in it..outstanding”


“Abhinanda you are truly a culinary genius”


“The mutton was to die for. Shamelessly I took a large doggy bag home and ate it for the next 2 days without sharing it with anyone! And that really says something coz I almost never eat even leftover lunch for dinner!”


“The food was super Abhinanda!! The fish was to die for- cant thank u enough…a meal par excellence!!!”


“The food was much appreciated, especially the Prawns Butter Garlic in Parsley sauce, and the Fish Canapés. The vegetarians liked the Peppery Mushrooms on Mashed Potatoes. Look forward to tasting your other dishes also!”


“Thank you so much Peppercorns for a memorable and scrumptious Raksha Bandhan dinner. The yummy tacos, roast mutton, bhapa doi and much more was really enjoyed by me and my family”